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I AM – Through the Eyes of Jesus

Ever since time began people cared about what other people think of them.

We are created to want to be loved, accepted and understood. We want to fit in. We want to look good. We want the society that we are in to need us.

But at what price?!

Do you often catch yourself listening to other people’s opinions of you so much that you lose the sight of who you truly are?

Sometimes we can get caught up in the materialistic scene – who has what and how much of it.

We get caught up in the scenes of what we see – the perfect family, obedient children, ideal Christian wife.

Whether it’s because we live in a world of social media or because so many of us are fortunate to have so much – we constantly compare and know that someone compares themselves to us. Especially if you are your worst critic, the comparison comes easily to you.

When doing so, we come up with conclusions in our mind that we are not enough. That we don’t have enough. That there are things I must have, goals I must reach, places I must see, things I must do – to be worthy of “following” and in the real world – to actually be someone.

But I’ve discovered something that defeats this “battle of the popular”. It is something that returns my sanity. This transforms my thoughts. Reveals my true identity. And most importantly, this directs me to my most important audience.

This is the Word of God.

When I look to see what Jesus thinks of me, I quickly realize that I am already enough. That I am already to die for. That I am loved beyond Earths capabilities. I discover that I have supernatural power within me. That I don’t need a husband, children, a huge house, a luxurious car, loads of friends, lots of likes, perfect brunches, high paying job, a flawless face, or luxurious trips to live an abundant life. (All those things are wonderful to strive for but they are not needs for a life of an abundance.)

When I look into the Bible, I discover that my purpose is completely different and my investment should be into eternal things.

This year, starting yesterday, I’ve decided for myself that the very first “media” or mirror that I will look into is His Word every morning.

I have agreed in my heart to be sensitive to the voice of my Creator and to hear what He thinks of me and where He directs me to! 

This year I want to focus on growing in my spiritual knowledge and understanding rather than my materialistic desires.

I want to be rich with souls for the Kingdom!

I want to brag about all the testimony that the Lord transforms from my trials.

This year I want to be compassionate to the ones who are hurting around me and I want to follow those who are lonely so that I could be their friend.

As I enter my prayer room on a daily basis, I want to hear my Jesus whisper into my heart “You’ve approved. You’re needed. You’re loved”


Because, my friend, You are!

You already are all those things.

You don’t need to have more things to be enough for Jesus.

You don’t need to do more things to be accepted by Jesus.

You don’t need to improve to be needed for Jesus.

You don’t need to first change to be loved by Jesus.


Not because of something you did but because of Jesus! Because of His sacrifice! Because of what He did on the Cross – you are all those things. 


See, its all about where you are looking in. It’s about whose eyes you’re looking through. 

Spend more time with Jesus and you will see how quickly you begin to look at your life through the eyes of Jesus!


Don’t forget who you are by listening to who other people think you are.


There are souls hurting, friends who are broken, mothers struggling, young people without direction – allow the Lord to reveal these “tasks” in your life and be the bearer of great news!

I challenge you, as I challenge myself, to spend time in the presence of God seeking to have your eyes transplanted from the earthly perspective to an eternal view.
Self Image. Looking at yourself through Jesus

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  1. This is such beautiful encouragement! I also am aiming to start every morning off in His Word. Every time I do, it makes all the difference in the rest of my day! I see others differently and I certainly see myself differently! It’s a heart shift that I need to reset every single morning. Thank you for your encouraging words!

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