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Hello, my friends! Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas! I can hardly believe that it is already behind us. But what I do want to leave as a wish for you is that Christmas remains in your heart every day. That you seek to spend time with our Savior on a daily basis. And that you always find people and places that are in need of your giving. That you would take the time to cultivate every relationship you have – family & friends!

As we head into this week, we are preparing for the New Years Night. You might be spending it under the covers sleeping tight or maybe pulling an all-nighter enjoying other people’s company. Whatever it is that you do – hope you stay safe and blessed!

If you are the type that does the latter (the allnighter), I’ve compiled a list of games that I have seen to be super fun throughout the night. Mind you, I have pulled an all-nighter for the last thirteen years in a row! (Wow!)

Let me know down in the comments below how you celebrate your New Years and any ideas that you can add to my list.


Yankee Swap

This is a must. However many people you have, this game is a blast. You can play it in two ways. 1) Set a budget of $5 and everyone must buy something that costs as much. This way it is more funny than useful. Example: Nutella, a bulk of bananas, a child’s toy, a cell phone cover, batteries, etc. 2) Set a budget of $25-$30 (remember this is right after Christmas, not everyone has too much money to spend) These items need to be more useful. Ex: coffee mug, house decor, board games, etc.

All the official rules and how to play you can find here.

Frozen Tshirt

This is also a classic but very funny. Basically, you soak a bunch of shirts in water (Tshirts or dress shirts ok). Then fold them into department style squares as shown below.

Place them folded into the freezer a few days prior.

When it comes time for the game, ask four or five (however many shirts you have frozen) contestants to thaw the shirt in any way they can using ONLY their own body and wear it.

To Determine Winner: The first person to put the shirt on completely is the winner!


This is a “trivia” game that you can play if most of your attendees are married couples! I recommend this game all the time because it is so much fun and so edifying. You & your spouse learn so much about each other and other couples in the room.

You can purchase it in Walmart, Ebay or Amazon.


Biblical Bingo

Played as original Bingo except using Biblical characters and places. You can also create one with bible verses. The announcer would have the bible verses written out with blanks and the answers would be on the Bingo cards. This is a great way to refresh your Bible knowledge skills. You can actually create the cards here. (fee applies)


Adult size Jenga

If you are looking for a medium between an active and laid back game, this is it! Just like original Jenga but in a larger form, this game gets everyone anxious from excitement! (Ironic?!)  Will you be the one to make the tower collapse?

Blind Goals

Prior to playing this game, divide into two teams and separate to two different parts of the rooms. One person from each team must leave the room, be blindfolded, and given a pin. The neutral leader of the game must fill the room everyone is in with a few blown up balloons in random place. The two blindfolded people enter back into the room and on the sound of their team’s instructions must pop all the balloons on their team’s side of the room.

This will be a complicated task to do not only because they are blindfolded but because each team is screaming over each other – he must recognize the voices of the people on his team!

Please be careful that the blind men don’t pin anyone in the room or each other. 

Tissue Box

Place a line of (or just two) tissue boxes on a steady table. Each player must stand in front of a single tissue box. On the count of three, the players must use only one hand to pull out all the tissues in the box. The person that empties the entire box the quickest is the winner! If you want to make the game longer, have a few rounds of two people against each other. ( You can purchase the boxes in bulk or in the dollar store)

Build A Tower

Have your players separate into two even teams. Give them a bulk of newspapers and a few rolls of masking tape. They have 10-15 minutes to build the tallest tower. When the time is up, measure the height of each tower to determine the winner.

Sing that Tune

Have a player put on headphones. Play a song really loud and they must sing it to the rest of the group without taking out the earphones. Choose a song that has lots of highs and lows. This game is played best if the person doesn’t fully know the entire song. It is super funny since the person that is singing doesn’t hear themselves (and how loud they are actually singing). Suggestion for an all time favorite: Celine Dion- My heart will go on & Lecrae raps.

Modernize Skit

Divide into two teams. Take a bible story or an old history event and recreate it in modern time a short skit. The team that creates the most creative and funny skit wins!

Random Items Skit

Prepare ahead of time a bag filled with random items (a ball, a juice carton, a scarf, a toy, etc.). Each team receives one bag. They have 30 minutes to create a skit using the items in the bag. The team that presents most creative skit using the most items – wins!

Finish the Sentence

Each person receives 2 small pieces of paper and is asked to answer the phrase “What if…” with their own ending on one piece. For Example: What if the President was me, What if I tripped over the Christmas tree, what if the chicken crossed the street, etc. On the second piece of paper answer the phrase “Then…” with their on ending. Such as: Then I would fall asleep; Then I would throw a tantrum; Then they would get married. The “What if’s” are separated into one bowl and the “Then…” into the second bowl. Go around in a circle and have each person pick out a paper from each bowl and read it out loud. You will be surprised how many funny sentences you will make!

How do you celebrate New Years? What kind of games do you play? 




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  1. How fun! I normally don’t have enough energy in the evenings, but I’d love to play these games with my family (we’re SO competitive)! I love the frozen shirt, Biblical Bingo, and tissue box idea 🙂 Thank you for these suggestions! Happy New Year to you and yours!

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